Top 3 Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation

It might be icy in Lake Monona this time of year. But when it comes to breast augmentation, there are some common themes why women decide to take the plunge. So let’s dive into the top 3 reasons women choose breast augmentation.

  • Undeveloped Breast Tissue
  • Deflation from Pregnancy and Nursing
  • Asymmetrical Breast Sizes

Reason #1: Naturally Flat Chested

One of the most common reasons why women choose to undergo breast augmentation is that they’ve always been naturally flat chested, whether due to genetics or other issues. These women waited for a long time for their breasts to develop, and they simply never did to their satisfaction. They’ve felt uncomfortable with their bodies and wished for a curvier, more feminine figure.

Issues naturally flat-chested women struggle with include bras that gap at the top and blouses and dresses that don’t fit properly. Finding comfortable and flattering swimwear can be another challenge. And for those women who choose to wear padded bras, they have to contend with annoyances like removable pads that don’t stay put or a feeling of being “found out.”

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Reason #2: Deflation from Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Another very common reason why women choose breast augmentation is because of deflation they experienced after giving birth and breastfeeding. Although they might have been happy with their shape before they had children, these women feel like their children took it all out of them and they want it back!

Women who’ve experienced birth and breastfeeding may have loose, sagging, or deflated breasts. They, too, might have issues with bras that gap or clothing that doesn’t fit like it used to and yearn for the bodies they used to have.

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Reason #3: Breast Augmentation to Correct Asymmetry

Third, many patients choose to undergo breast augmentation to correct breasts that are two different cup sizes. Pregnancy, hormones, and genetic conditions are some of the reasons why breasts become different sizes. 

Having noticeably different breast sizes can cause women shame and discomfort. Asymmetrical breasts can be difficult to conceal with padded bras. Some women feel the need to wear baggy or printed clothing or scarves to conceal their chest and avoid social situations, like going to the pool.   

Scarless Breast Augmentation in Madison, Wisconsin

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Top 3 Reasons Women Choose Breast Augmentation by Dr. Thomas Bartell