How Can Breast Reduction Help Me?

Having very large breasts can cause a lot of pain, both emotionally and physically. You might feel self-conscious about your body and experience unwanted attention. Pain, discomfort, and rashes on the chest might also be a daily reality for you. Additionally, you might feel understood by friends or family who also don’t share the struggles of your body type. If you’ve ever wondered, how can breast reduction help me? below are some of the benefits patients enjoy after breast reduction. 

Breast Reduction:

  • Eliminates Shoulder, Neck, and Back Pain and Skin Irritation
  • Makes Breathing and Exercise Easier
  • Boosts Confidence and Comfort 

Taking the Weight Off Your Shoulders Through Breast Reduction

One of the biggest benefits of breast reduction surgery is the elimination of neck, shoulder, and back pain that very large breasts can cause. 

Women with heavy breasts often have back and neck pain due to the constant strain that the weight of their chests puts on their muscles. The extra weight can result in poor posture and nerve compression. If your arms, hands, or fingers feel tingling or numb, it might not just be the frigid Madison winter air. Nerve compression from large breasts can cause that, as well as headaches. 

Heavy breasts can also cause bra straps to dig in, creating pain, soreness, grooving, and even scarring on the shoulders. Women might also experience rashes or skin infections under the breasts where moisture, heat, and bacteria get trapped.

By reducing the weight that the upper body needs to carry, breast reduction can resolve the muscle and shoulder pain, skin irritation, headaches, and numbness associated with large breasts.

Breathing Easier for a More Active Lifestyle

Another benefit of breast reduction is that it can make breathing and movement easier. 

Very large breasts can cause shortness of breath. Large breasts also can make physical activities difficult or embarrassing. Both issues can be a deterrent to getting enough exercise.

After breast reduction, women often experience a new sense of enjoyment in their bodies. It’s not uncommon for them to lose additional weight simply from becoming more active. These women often engage in activities that previously were too difficult to enjoy, such as going to the gym, running, and even swimming.

Being Seen For You 

Finally, an important benefit of breast reduction is that it can boost women’s confidence. 

Breast reduction makes it easier to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, shop for clothes, and simply enjoy being in a more comfortable body. After having spent so long uncomfortable or in pain, unable to participate in activities that they’d otherwise want to, and perhaps subject to unwanted comments by others about their body, bringing their chest into better proportion with their frame can help women with large breasts feel seen as a person and not just for their shape. 

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How Can Breast Reduction Help Me? by Dr. Thomas Bartell