Recovering from Cosmetic Surgery Over the Holidays

In some ways, the holidays are the perfect time to recover from body recontouring surgery. You may already have built-in time off at work. More family and friends are around to help. And Madison’s swirling snow is the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch. However, there are a few unique challenges to this recovery time, so we’ve put together some tips on recovering from cosmetic surgery over the holidays. Putting in the effort to care for yourself during this recovery period will help ensure you start the new year with a brand-new shape you can be proud of.

  • Take It Easy
  • Find Some Elves!
  • Avoid Alcohol 
  • Limit Holiday Feasting
  • Follow Your Doctor’s Orders!

Take It Easy

No doubt you’re feeling extra pressure to wrap gifts, send cards, deck the halls, and get your decorations up. But this year, give yourself a little grace when it comes to ticking everything off your to-do list. Although nice, not everything you need to do is essential. Prioritize getting the rest you need and consider paring down your need to-do list to the true essentials. Maybe that two-tiered gingerbread mansion can wait til next year.

Find Some Elves!

For your to-do list that you have deemed essential, consider outsourcing some of the work this year. Do you usually do the frenzied run-around for last-minute gifts? Maybe your spouse can take that on. 

If you usually decorate the Christmas tree, consider enlisting your kids or nieces or nephews to help this year. Breast augmentations have a nineteen-day recovery period where you shouldn’t be lifting your arms up. Since you shouldn’t be the one winding lights around and getting on tip toes to hang ornaments, enjoy being a Christmas tree manager this year. From the comfort of your couch, you can give directions about how the lights should look and what ornaments go where! 

Avoid Alcohol

Keep your spirits merry and bright this year…without the actual spirits! Alcohol slows down the recovery process by inhibiting wound healing and causes other problems. Avoiding it is important for making a strong recovery after surgery.

Instead, plan ahead of time some fun mocktails you can make for yourself so you won’t feel tempted to join in with others. 

Celebrate without Overindulging

Use your new shape as an inspiring reason not to overindulge on holiday sweets. The wide array of rich, beloved family recipes sure is tempting, but it definitely won’t taste as good as how you’ll feel in your new, slim shape. Choose one or two favorite sweets, but then be sure to pass on the rest. Fill your plate with fibrous, low-calorie sides like fruit and green salads to help fill up. You’ve come so far on your journey to a better body–don’t undo all your good work now!

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Finally, in the midst of all the excitement of the holidays, please remember to follow your doctor’s orders very closely! All restrictions and garment recommendations are necessary and provided to help you have an optimal healing experience. Not following them can slow healing or lead to serious complications.

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