Caring for Your Body in the New Year

Another brand new year has arrived! Now’s the perfect time to shed old habits that haven’t been working for you. Whether you’re looking for long-term solutions to maintain your new contour or simply wanting to feel more energized, caring for your body in the new year with these small steps can lead to big changes in feeling healthier and happier 2023. 

  • Sleep your way to more energy. 
  • Find a healthy way to deal with stress.
  • Adopt a diet that sustains you.
  • Find a workout plan that works for you.

Sleep Your Way to More Energy

The coziest and easiest way to take care of your body in the new year is to get more sleep! Sleep recharges us, decreases stress, promotes health by reducing our risk for diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and leads to better hunger management throughout the day.

Adults need at least seven hours of sleep at night. Are you getting yours? If not, make a plan for how to get your zzz’s in. Small actions like banning screens from your bedroom, exercising during the day, and committing to a set bedtime can help eliminate roadblocks to getting enough rest. Chances are, after a couple of days of great sleep, you’ll be eager to do what it takes to get to bed on time. Sleep’s the best!

Find a Healthy Way to Deal with Stress

Finding a long-term solution for dealing with stress will both improve your health and help you maintain your body recontouring results. Bad habits like staying up, overindulging in alcohol, and late-night snacking takes a toll on both your wellness and weight.

In the months leading up to your procedure, look at what strategies you have in place to deal with difficult emotions. Build stress-relieving activities into your day or week to help regularly boost your mood, such as hitting the gym, visiting a friend or relative, or spending time in nature. Writing down your stress-busting method to remind you what you should do when those tough times present themselves.

Adopt a Diet that Sustains You

Set yourself up for long-term weight maintenance by adopting a diet that sustains you and your lifestyle. Simply limiting calories isn’t going to guarantee the nutrition you need to power your body throughout the day. Focus on getting enough protein, water, healthy fats, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables to make sure you have the nutrients you need. 

By making sure you get adequate nutrition without empty calories, you will be on your way to achieving a healthy, stable weight, which is essential for a great body recontouring outcome. Yo-yo dieting and fluctuating weight are hard on the body and can obscure your new contour after surgery.

Find a Workout Plan that Works for You

Having trouble sticking with your workout routine? It might be time to revise. If you find that you are routinely skipping your workouts, it may be that you’ve set the bar too high. Consistently meeting moderate goals is better than never making it to that early morning fat-shredding boot camp at the gym!

Find a reasonable activity that you can stick to and make it a non-negotiable in your day. The American Heart Association recommends getting at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, which includes brisk walking, water aerobics, and biking less than 10 miles per hour. 

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