What is Scarless Breast Augmentation?

What is Scarless Breast Augmentation?

  • Transaxillary Breast Augmentation Leaves No Scars on the Chest Wall
  • What Happens During the Scarless Breast Augmentation Procedure?
  • Choosing a Board-Certified Expert in Scarless Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation comes with an obvious drawback: unsightly scars on the chest wall that diminish the natural look of the results. These scars are permanent reminders and evidence of the procedure performed. If you’re seeking a beautiful full breast size without the scarring, a procedure called transaxillary breast augmentation, or scarless breast augmentation, might be just the right option for you.

Transaxillary Breast Augmentation (TABA) Leaves No Scars on the Chest Wall

Imagine raising your hands while wearing a bikini top, with no one knowing you’ve had a breast augmentation! It’s possible thanks to the procedure known as transaxillary breast augmentation, or TABA.

TABA differs from traditional breast augmentation because the breast implants are placed through a small incision in the armpit rather than through an incision under the nipple or in the breast fold. After six months, the armpit incision heals to such an extent that often Dr. Thomas Bartell himself can’t even find it during the follow-up appointment!

What Happens During the Scarless Breast Augmentation Procedure?

To begin this roughly forty-five minute procedure, you’ll be put to sleep using general anesthetic. Dr. Bartell will then make a small incision in each armpit. He will place the implant behind the chest wall and centered beneath the nipples. In addition to creating a beautiful look, this submuscular implant placement also provides a natural feel to the breasts because only breast tissue, not implant, is on the outside of the body. 

Because Dr. Bartell uses saline implants exclusively, he will be able to adjust the volume of the implants to correct any asymmetry, which occurs in about half of all breast augmentation procedures. 

After, Dr. Bartell closes the incisions. An elastic band will be placed across your chest to support the healing process. You then will be returned to the recovery room, where you’ll awake when the procedure is over.

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Choosing a Board-Certified Expert 

When choosing a surgeon for cosmetic surgery, it’s essential to make sure you’re picking a true expert in the field. Dr. Thomas Bartell is a board-certified veteran surgeon in scarless breast augmentation. Dr. Bartell was trained in this technique and has performed thousands of these procedures over the past thirty years. Unlike other cosmetic surgeons, the transaxillary breast augmentation is his preferred method of breast augmentation.

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If you’re considering scarless breast augmentation, schedule [page] your consultation today with Dr. Thomas Bartell. At this appointment, you’ll meet Dr. Bartell, ask any questions about the procedure you might have, and see real before-and-after photos [page] of Dr. Bartell’s patients to get a sense of the kinds of results you could expect.

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