Dr. Thomas Bartell: The End of an Era

Sadly, the days of Madison having its own local board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in body recontouring are soon coming to an end. Dr. Thomas Bartell will be winding down his surgical practice in 2023. 

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Dr. Bartell is Madison’s only local plastic surgeon routinely performing scarless breast augmentations. During his thirty years in local practice, Dr. Bartell has helped thousands of women get the look they love without embarrassing chest scars. Women like Krista, Samantha, Lisa, and Jess now are enjoying more confidence in their bodies than ever after making the change with Dr. Bartell. Read their stories here.

Scarless Breast Augmentation is Dr. Bartell’s #1 Procedure

No one in the Madison area has more experience in the transaxillary breast augmentation (TABA) procedure than Dr. Thomas Bartell. This method produces beautiful, natural looking results without leaving any scars at all on the chest wall. 

During the procedure, Dr. Bartell makes a small incision in the folds of the underarm that virtually vanishes within months of the surgery. Frequently, Dr. Bartell himself can’t find them during follow-up appointments!

Along with leaving no scars on the chest wall, another benefit of having your breast augmentation with Dr. Bartell is that he uses saline implants exclusively. Dr. Bartell favors saline implants for their adjustability in order to correct any asymmetry of the breasts, as well as for the implants’ superior safety. 

And because all patients’ surgeries are performed in a state-of-the-art private surgical suite with the finest team of surgical assistants around, it’s routine for patients to leave reviews such as these.  

Expert Below-the-Neck Body Recontouring in Madison, Wisconsin

Now is truly your last chance to get this specialized breast augmentation procedure or any other body recontouring procedure by Madison’s sole body recontouring surgeon, Dr. Thomas Bartell

In addition to scarless breast augmentation, Dr. Bartell also provides breast lifts and/or augmentations for women who’ve lost volume and firmness in their breasts and breast reduction for those women suffering from the weight of too-full breasts. 

For patients with stubborn pockets of fat or loose skin that don’t respond to diet and exercise, Dr. Bartell performs tummy tucks, liposuction, and arm lifts. Additionally, women who’ve experienced separated abdominal muscles and a pouchy belly after pregnancy have benefited from a tummy tuck that both restores the muscles and provides a sleek tummy.

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If you’ve always been unhappy with a facet of your body, like undeveloped breast tissue, or are wanting to get back what you once had, like perky breasts or a flat tummy, now is your last chance to act. Secure one of the few remaining surgical dates by clicking here before it’s too late! Act now to work with Madison’s premier below-the-neck body recontouring surgeon Dr. Thomas Bartell before he closes out his illustrious career. Dr. Thomas Bartell specializes in the below-the-neck body recontouring, including scarless breast augmentation in Madison, Wisconsin.

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