How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation

  • Step #1: Do your research.
  • Step #2: Prepare your body and mind for surgery.
  • Step #3: Take on the big day with the help of your support person.
  • Step #4: Rest and enjoy your new shape!

The best way to have a fantastic breast augmentation experience is to be ultra-prepared for the big day and beyond. Following these four steps will help you prepare physically and mentally for your body transformation so that you can enjoy the best possible outcome and enjoy the journey to a better body.

Step #1: Do your research.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, the first step in preparing for it is to learn all you can about the procedure. There are varying techniques, implant placements, and implant types to choose from. If you’re interested in breast augmentation that leaves no scars on the chest wall, click here to learn more about the transaxillary breast augmentation procedure.

Once you’ve decided on the procedure that best suits your needs, you’ll want to find a practitioner who is an expert of your desired procedure. At your initial consultation with these surgeons, be sure to ask how many of that type of procedure they’ve performed, what their complication rate is, and if they’re board certified. Also, get a feel for if the doctor is truly listening to what you want and if he or she is able to achieve that for you. Seeing before-and-after photos of the surgeon’s work is critical to getting a good idea of what that doctor might be able to achieve for you.

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Step #2: Prepare your body and mind for surgery.

After you’ve selected your surgeon and procedure, you’ll want to prepare physically and emotionally for the breast augmentation. This includes maintaining a balanced lifestyle and remaining at a healthy, stable, body weight. Be sure to tell your doctor about any medication that you’re currently taking and if you have any allergies. If you smoke, you will need to stop for several months before the procedure, as smoking negatively impacts healing. Forming healthy habits now will aid your body in the healing process later.

To mentally prepare for surgery day, it’s essential to understand what will happen on surgery day and afterward. Before your operation, you will receive a printed set of pre- and postoperative instructions. These will prepare you for what you should do before surgery, what to have on hand at home afterward, and what to do on the day of your surgery. Your doctor will review these instructions with you, but it’s important to read these instructions carefully on your own and keep them accessible for easy reference. You will also be given prescriptions for any medications you may need before and after the surgery. 

Additionally, having realistic expectations for your outcome is important as well. Perfection isn’t achievable, but improving in enhancing your image is. And making yourself feel better about you as opposed to pleasing someone else is key for ensuring you are satisfied with your outcome.

Step #3: Take on the big day with the help of your support person.

On the day of your breast augmentation, your support person will play an important part in helping you through the process. He or she should accompany you to the surgery center and be available during the procedure if needed. (The breast augmentation procedure is performed using a general anesthetic, so you’ll be asleep through the entire operation.)

After the procedure, which takes about forty-five minutes, your support person will bring you home and stay with you for the following twenty-four hours. Be sure to select a responsible adult who loves you for this role!

Step #4: Rest!

Doing the legwork ahead of time to prepare for your recovery period will make this an optimal healing period. Before your operation, line up help ahead of time for childcare, housekeeping, time off work, and meal prep so that you can focus on getting the rest your body needs to recover. Clear your schedule of any unnecessary tasks.

Following your doctor’s order strictly during this time is the last crucial step in ensuring that you enjoy great breast augmentation results. For nineteen days after the operation, you will need to wear your compression garment, refrain from raising your arms, and not lifting anything heavier than your purse or shoes. Following these orders will help ensure you avoid injury or the risk of shifting your implants.

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