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Krista’s Story – Be Happy, Be Perky

Krista is the voice of 93.1 Madtown Jamz Morning Show

She’s fun, quick, and easy to relate to both on-air and off, and when she decided to explore her options for breast enhancement, she brought her listeners along, letting them share each step in the process.

Part 1: The Beginning

Alright, it’s no secret that I have expressed the smallness of my girls during the morning show. It’s true! At the age of 39 my back still simply looks like my front…

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Part 2: All About Augmentation

Dr. Bartell is the only Madison-area plastic surgeon performing scar-free breast augmentations. I didn’t even know that was possible! How? you may ask? He inserts breast implants through tiny incisions in the armpits. The scars vanish within six months. I love it!

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Part 3: The Surgery is Happening

Hey Girls, so it’s been a month since my consultation with Dr. Bartell and it’s time for my pre-op appointment! During my pre-op appointment we will discuss the entire process to filling out paperwork, payment, a rundown of my surgery, medicine and more!

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Part 4: Dreaming Big

So I am crossing off the days off the calendar to my new ideal boobies! I was going through my closet last night looking at all the pieces that I wear that I am excited to see how they fit after my surgery.

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Part 5: The Big Things

Another reason why I have chosen Dr. Bartell to hook me up with new boobies, is because he is easy to talk to. Lets be honest, when it comes to the world of plastic surgery most of us have no idea what goes into the process. Commonly asked questions that people may have according to Dr. Bartell is the cost.

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Part 6: I did it! We did it!

Hey girls I’m back and all I can say is Beautiful! Yep, I cannot tell you how pleased I am so far with how my new ideal boobies look thanks to Dr. Bartell! As you know I’ve been out for a couple of days of work recovering from my surgery. My experience with the surgery went seamless.

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Part 7: What about you?

Calling all the ladies that are wishing they could have their boobies back before having babies. Yep, remember when they used to be full, perky, and happy looking. I know what you’re going thru because this was me before I decided to get my new set of girls thanks to Dr. Bartell’s recommendation that I check out the ideal implant.

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