When Can I Start Exercising After Breast Augmentation?

After your breast augmentation, you might be anxious to get back to your old workout routine. However, patience is a virtue when it comes to recovery after body recontouring surgery. Pushing yourself too hard too soon can result in shifting implants or injury. Give your body the time to heal properly in order to enjoy optimal results. Below is a handy guide on how to get back to exercising after breast augmentation in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Post-op to Two Weeks: Promoting Healing
  • Two Weeks to Four Weeks: Light Cardio Without Lifting
  • Four Weeks to Six Weeks: Regular Cardio Without Lifting
  • Six Weeks After Surgery: Regular Cardio and Weights 

Post-Op to Two Weeks: Easy Does It

Immediately after surgery, no one feels like hitting the gym. However, it is important to make the effort to move around every once in a while to help the healing process along.

Every hour or so, take a little walk around your room or home. This will promote circulation and reduce your risk for blood clots. Keep this up for the next two weeks until your strength builds again.

You’ll also need to avoid lifting anything heavier than a gallon of milk, which is about eight pounds. Lifting heavy objects too soon after surgery can result in bleeding, injury, or shifting your implants.

Two to Four Weeks After Surgery: Listen to Your Body

At two weeks, you’ll probably be ready for longer walks. You can hop on your treadmill or walk outside, even taking some hills. However, be sure to listen to your body. If you feel the need to slow down, rest, or stop completely, do it! This is your body’s way of telling you what it needs from you to heal. Your lifting restriction is also still in effect. 

Be patient with your body. Before long, you’ll be back to your normal workout routine. However, these first six weeks of recovery are so important for healing, you want to make sure you do everything you can to ensure a great outcome for your surgery.

Pro Tip: As you’re waiting to fully recover, pass the time by buying a few workout tops for your new shape that you can look forward to wearing to the gym. 

One Month After Breast Augmentation: Back at the Gym, but Without the Heavy Lifting

Congrats! You can get back to your normal exercise routine, but you should still skip any type of heavy lifting for now. You might still feel like you’re not operating at a hundred percent, but hang in there. You’ll be feeling good as new very soon!

Six Weeks After Surgery: Go Get ‘Em! (With Your Doctor’s Permission)

At six weeks after surgery, you should be almost completely healed up. Six weeks is the green light for when it comes to fully resuming your exercise routine, including weight lifting.

Before you go all out, though, check with your doctor to see if any exercises are off limits for you. Your doctor may suggest avoiding strenuous chest exercises like push-ups. These exercises put pressure on the implants, which may drop or migrate over time.

Scarless Breast Augmentation in Madison, Wisconsin

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