What Do Women Want Out of a Breast Augmentation?

Why a Breast Augmentation Is Important to Women

A breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure. Though there are many reasons women strive to enhance their breast size and shape, the most common is striving to fix changes in the breasts to boost self-esteem.

Breasts Change After Significant Life Events

A woman’s breasts do not stay the same their entire lives, much like the rest of our bodies. Major life changes can cause them to become flatter, misshapen, saggier, or smaller. Having a breast augmentation can reverse these changes and restore a woman’s breasts, bringing new confidence and higher self-esteem.

Weight Loss

A few pounds lost here and there might not be enough to cause your breasts to change sizes, but often, women who lose a significant amount of weight find their breasts have begun to sag, are no longer round and perky. This is because breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissues. This means, when weight is gained, fat cells expand. When weight is lost, they shrink. Some women have more fat cells in their breasts than others, but many, after weight loss, can see a significant change in the size and shape of their breasts. Once a healthy weight is maintained, Dr. Bartell can perform a breast augmentation to bring the fullness and roundness back.


During pregnancy, breasts commonly increase in size as the mammary glands grow, preparing the body for breastfeeding. Sometimes the size increases are enough that women need to buy bras one to two cup sizes bigger. They also change right after giving birth, and continue to do so during breastfeeding. Once a woman is finished feeding her baby from her breasts, their bodies realize milk production is no longer needed. Once this happens, breasts reduce in size, nipples return to the state they were in prior to pregnancy. Unfortunately, for many women, this process can leave stretch marks and loose skin, the latter causing breasts to look saggy and flat. A breast augmentation can bring a woman’s back the fullness and shape of their breasts.


As women age, changes in their hormones affect their bodies. When estrogen levels lower, it can cause drier skin, causing it to be less elastic. This bodily change makes breasts sag, deflate, and change size and shape. This often happens after menopause, a time in a woman’s life when she stops menstruating. Even though this is an inevitable change for women, a breast augmentation by Dr. Bartell can bring new life into a woman’s breasts.

Breast Augmentation After a Mastectomy

When a woman has breast cancer, a mastectomy may be required in the fight against it. This procedure removes most to all of a breast that is affected. Although it is an important procedure in the steps to removing the cancer from a woman’s body, it can have a crushing emotional impact. Losing a breast greatly affects how confident a woman feels about her body, and can reduce or eliminate sex drive. Often, doctors can remove the tissue inside of the affected breast, leaving the skin and nipple for a future reconstruction. Dr. Bartell has performed a countless number of breast augmentations in his career, and can help bring back the fullness and shape of a breast after some mastectomies.

Make the Change

Regardless of the reasons, a breast augmentation can positively change a woman’s attitude about her body and increase their confidence and outlook on life. Choosing to have a breast augmentation is a big decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. However, patients of Dr. Bartell can put their mind at ease when it comes to scarring. Dr. Bartell is the only plastic surgeon in Madison and the surrounding areas to perform scar-free breast augmentations. If you feel this procedure is right for you, call his office today and schedule your consultation.