How Women Patients Cope With Plastic Surgery

Most Plastic Surgery Patients Are Female

Throughout our history, men and women have been shown in ads for just about anything, from clothing to cigarettes. As the years went on and technology became better, how the models were portrayed changed drastically. Today we are constantly seeing image after image of what the media feels is the “perfect” female or male body in ads, commercials, movies, even on buses and merchandise packaging. Nearly everyone understands that these images are greatly altered and that no one can truly achieve that same look. However, it is enough to make most people self conscious of their own bodies, especially for women. It puts unnecessary pressure on females of almost all ages who don’t have a flat stomach, underarms that don’t wiggle when they wave or who have larger hips and thighs than they’d like.

If women aren’t happy with something about their bodies, their self confidence can plummet. Many men don’t understand the impact this has on women. It’s true, males feel pressure to have a tan, muscular body, but there are many more lead characters in entertainment that counter that pressure. Television shows and movies often have heavier males who are out of shape that have attractive, thin wives. The majority of advertisements have impossibly thin, tan women trying to get you to buy their product, even commercials for sports cars and fast food restaurants.

Choosing Body Recontouring Surgery

If a woman has something about her body that she wants to change that she cannot change on her own through diet or exercise, plastic surgery can be an option. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bartell, has been performing below the neck procedures such as tummy tucks, breast enhancements, liposuction and more for over 25 years. Choosing body recontouring surgery can be a difficult decision, and women patients have to cope with many different things before and after the procedure. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bartell, has been performing below the neck procedures such as tummy tucks, breast enhancements, liposuction and more for over 25 years.

Women Plastic Surgery Patients Must Cope With Many Things

Choosing body recontouring surgery can be a difficult decision, and women patients have to cope with many different things before and after the procedure.


Spouses That Don’t Agree or Support Their Choice

Deciding to schedule an appointment with a plastic surgeon can be a difficult choice for many women, as men typically don’t think their spouses truly need the surgery. Wives are told that they “look fine the way they are,” or that they “are being silly.” For most women plastic surgery patients, this process is a very serious and important matter, and to not have your spouse support you during it can be difficult.

Women whose spouses don’t agree with their choice to move forward with body recontouring surgery should discuss the matter at length. Write down the reasons they are making this decision and why they will help, while their spouses should write questions they need answered so they can be at ease with the process from start to finish. Dr. Bartell would be happy to meet with couples together as well to help answer questions, explain the process in detail and even show before and after photos.


Handling the Financial Aspect

With all of the details to be handled, one major thing to figure out – even prior to the first consultation with Dr. Bartell – is if enough funds are put aside for the procedure. Dr. Bartell recommends that his patients look over finances and budget restraints beforehand so they are prepared at their consult with him. He has staff that will look over any medical insurance information a patient has to see if there might be some coverage for the procedure, even though most insurance companies will not cover cosmetic procedures. However, if a patient has a letter of medical necessity from their doctor stating the procedure is required due to health issues, we are happy to submit that along with a claim to the medical insurance.

Dr. Bartell performs most of his procedures at his own private surgical center, which means his patients avoid the inconvenience of dealing with a host of separate hospital billings for individual professional services, facilities, supplies, and equipment. Patients will be able to discuss treatment costs before their surgery is scheduled so they know exactly how much they will owe. There are different payment options our office offers as well.

Concern and Anxiety Before and After the Procedure

Having any type of surgery can be stressful, regardless of the type. Some of Dr. Bartell’s patients haven’t had a surgery before other than having their wisdom teeth removed as teenagers, so having body recontouring surgery may seem much scarier than it truly is. The fact that Dr. Bartell’s team uses general anesthesia to put his patients under during the procedure can be a comfort, however, as it feels like you drift off to a dreamless slumber and awaken mere minutes later in our recovery room.

It is very important for all patients to have a ride to and from their surgery as they will be under anesthesia. Once patients are home and resting, Dr. Bartell will check on them to ensure all is well.

Post Surgical Attention

It is common for patients to feel stressed before and even at their body recontouring appointment, but many people don’t realize that women have to cope with post surgical attention as well. Sometimes friends and family members ask probing questions and might not agree with the decision to have plastic surgery. Others may be offended their advice wasn’t followed or perhaps that they weren’t told at all before the surgery was done, as women tend to not share the fact that they are having plastic surgery to anyone other than their spouse. It can be a touchy subject.

Another type of post surgical attention women have to cope with is unwanted attention from other men if they are married or in a committed relationship. This is another reason men might not want their wives getting body recontouring work done. Here is another good example where proper communication is necessary. Wives and husbands that fully discuss every aspect of body recontouring surgery to make sure all questions are answered and they are on the same page works wonders, and it shows. Women shouldn’t feel ashamed when they have plastic surgery to boost their self confidence, which happens when their spouse isn’t happy with their choice. Regardless of their hesitation, men and women should talk about their fears and hopes they may have for their spouse and for themselves to avoid unnecessary conflict later on.


Dr. Bartell Is With You Every Step Of the Way

Having over 25 years of experience working with all kinds of patients, Dr. Bartell has performed countless below the neck procedures. During the consultation he will discuss a patient’s needs and goals with them and answer any questions a patient or spouse may have. He also has many before and after photos and stories of women patients who had a procedure done that changed their lives for the better that he’d be happy to share. Dr. Bartell wants all patients and their loved ones to feel safe and confident throughout their entire procedure.