How Can I Enjoy Summer at Home?

How Can I Enjoy Summer at Home?

  • Start a Virtual Club
  • Rediscover Your Neighborhood
  • Get to Know a Neighbor

If your summer will be spent mostly at home in Madison, Wisconsin because you’re recuperating after cosmetic surgery, you’re avoiding crowds, or if Covid canceled your plans, don’t despair! You can still have plenty of fun right where you are. Here are a few ideas for how to cook up summer fun without venturing far from home.

Start a Virtual Club

If your summer is feeling different to you this year, you are certainly not alone! There isn’t a person around who hasn’t had their world this year turned upside down. A slower-paced summer is a great opportunity to propose a regular virtual get-together with family and friends who are also probably feeling a little isolated. 

To start a virtual club, make a list of all the things you’ve been meaning to do this year. Is there a common theme? For instance, do you notice a lot of books on your list that you’ve been hoping to read? If so, think of family and friends who might enjoy reading those same books and invite them to a virtual book club. Decide how much you’ll read each week and make an appointment for a virtual meeting to discuss the book. You can cross those books off your list while reconnecting with friends and family. Feel free to invite people who don’t know each other so that they have the chance to meet new friends, too.

You could also start a virtual cooking club. Distribute a recipe to the group you’ve been meaning to try. (Check Dr. Bartell’s Facebook page throughout the month for deliciously healthy recipe ideas.) Have fun with it by posting cooking fail videos or pictures, or invite everyone to a virtual dinner at the same time to share stories about how their cooking experience went as you all enjoy dinner together.

Other virtual club ideas include virtual happy hours–be sure to keep alcohol to a minimum as you recover from your surgery, as excess alcohol can inhibit wound healing–coffee groups, and crafting demos. Have fun with it and don’t be afraid to invite people. Odds are, they’re looking for others to connect with as well.

Rediscover Your Neighborhood

Sometimes we’re so busy with everyday life, we miss what’s right in front of us. Use the extra downtime this summer to look at your neighborhood with fresh eyes. Is there a nearby shop or cafe you haven’t visited yet? Now might be the perfect time to go for a walk and discover new stores. Keep an eye out for local postcards or unique stationery that you can use to send to homebound or especially lonely loved ones.

Get to Know a Neighbor

Americans are far less likely to know their neighbors than in decades past. Is there someone on your street that you don’t know? Drop off home baked cookies or sweetbread with your contact information. Those cookies or banana bread might be the start of a new friendship.

Socially distanced driveway or cul-de-sac get-togethers have risen in popularity during quarantine. Let your neighbors know when you plan to be out in the evening and make plans to all sit outside at the same time. Lawn chairs, cold beverages, and even bullhorns can make these gatherings more enjoyable!


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