Creating a Beautiful Place to Heal

Creating a Beautiful Place to Heal

  • Invite Nature In
  • Pamper All the Senses
  • Decorate with Love

As you prepare for your procedure with Madison body recontouring specialist Dr. Thomas Bartell, it’s important to set aside a designated place where you can heal in peace and comfort. Carefully planning your healing space will help lower your post-op stress and give your body the proper rest it needs to recover. Here are a few ideas for creating a beautiful place to heal.

Invite Nature In

Adding elements from nature will bring the beauty of the natural world into your home and contribute to the feeling of wellbeing. When choosing the place you will recover, look for a room that has plenty of natural sunlight. Sunlight is a known mood booster. It also causes skin to produce vitamin D, which promotes wound healing.

Adding potted plants or flowers to a side table, mantle, or flower box is another way to create natural beauty inside. Look for colors of flowers, plants, or pots that appeal to you. Bright colors like pinks, reds, and yellows tend to energize. Pastels like sea blues and greens are calming.

Pamper All the Senses

When decorating your healing place, don’t forget to engage all the senses. Think beyond what you will see when recovering to what you will smell, touch, hear, (and taste, too!). Appeal to your sense of smell by including aromatic plants or flowers in the room. Or place an oil diffuser nearby of your favorite scented oil. There’s some research to suggest that aromas like lavender can affect our mood and nervous system

Soothe your sense of hearing by putting a fan or white noise machine in the room. In the days following your procedure, you’ll want to line up help if you need it so that you can focus primarily on recovering. Drowning out background noise of children or traffic will help keep your mind off worrying about your normal daily responsibilities for the time being. You can also prepare a playlist of your favorite music to help add to the room’s cheerful or peaceful vibe.

Pamper your sense of touch by investing in a velvety soft blanket or fluffy pillows in the color scheme of the room for your recovery. These will help soothe your tender skin in the days following surgery. Ask ahead of time what positions are ideal for optimal healing for your procedure to ensure your place has the appropriate furniture for maximum comfort. Make sure a comfortable bed or long-enough couch is available for lying down and that you have enough pillows to support yourself after breast augmentation. 

Don’t Forget the Food!

And don’t forget about beautifying your snack table! Choose a mug and plate that fit the personality of the room. A fine china tea cup and plate are perfect for an elegant room. Earth-toned pottery pair well with a room featuring lots of natural elements, and a bright or sassy mug go well with vibrant colors. Healthy snacks and meals full of antioxidants are the perfect recovery food choices.

Decorate with Love

Finish your healing space with a few pictures or items that remind you of what you love the most. Pictures of family, friends, pets, and hobbies will help you feel surrounded by love as you heal. This might be a great opportunity to have that family photo framed in a beautiful frame or buy that painting you’ve always wanted that reminded you of a favorite vacation.

Using this recovery period to spend a little time in gratitude for all the people and things you love in life will help lift your mood as you get back on your feet.


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