You Get The Best With Solo Practice

Solo Practice Cosmetic Surgery Model

Dr. Bartell has been providing body recountouring services in solo practice for over 20 years.

There are many advantages to patients within this business model.

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In solo practice, Dr. Bartell is not focused on teaching nor is he focused on research. His main concern is to provide the best possible surgical outcome for his patients.

As a solo practitioner, Dr. Bartell has 100% control over who is in the operating room. His team is hired by Dr. Bartell an is “the best surgical team” in the area. Meet them. His team is hand-picked and Dr. Bartell “does not accept mediocrity”.

Dr. Bartell choose to be in solo practice because he could be his own boss, be there for his family who is #1 in his life, he could pick his staff and he didn’t feel like he’d be reinventing the wheel with each surgery. He describes the operating room as a “wonderful ballet” with a “beautiful flow”.

The patient certainly benefits from this model as they are receiving very high quality and personalized care. He doesn’t double book appointments. He prides himself in listening to patients and treating them with the utmost respect and consideration. This is why Dr. Bartell only takes his own calls. If you have a problem or concern, you get to talk to Dr. Bartell on his personal cell phone. You won’t be rerouted to a call center or nurse who doesn’t understand your goals or know your chart. Book a consult.

There are a few downsides to solo practice. One being the time and effort it takes to build a practice. And second being referral only. So please, if you’ve had a successful experience with Dr. Bartell, please tell your friends. Read from people who have had success.

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