Top 5 Patient Benefits of Solo Practice

Groups are great for barbecues, beach volleyball, and hanging out at the Union Terrace. However, they’re less than ideal when it comes to body recontouring surgery. Cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation and tummy tucks are serious surgeries that require expert care from a doctor you know. As it often happens in group settings, a patient might not have even met the doctor performing her surgery! For these reasons, Dr. Thomas Bartell is proud to be a solo practitioner in below-the-neck body recontouring procedures in order to provide the highest quality, individualized care possible. Here are the top 5 patient benefits of solo practice that his patients enjoy:

  • Optimal Appointment and Surgery Schedules
  • Consultation with Your Actual Surgeon
  • Knowing the Doctor Performing the Surgery
  • Access to Your Doctor on Nights and Weekends
  • Personalized Care

1. Optimal Appointment and Surgery Schedules for Maximum Efficiency and Privacy

Have you ever waited in a doctor’s waiting room that was filled with other people? Chances are, if you asked the three people by you when their appointment was, you’d all have the same appointment time! This results in a patient’s wasted time and a feeling of being just one in a crowd.

With a solo practice, however, the doctor is completely in charge of scheduling appointments and surgeries. In Dr. Bartell’s practice, Dr. Bartell has carefully designed his schedule so that patients don’t get double-booked and so that there aren’t too many patients in the waiting room in order to respect his patients’ time and privacy. In fact, patients often complain of being ushered in so quickly to their appointment that they didn’t even get a chance to look at the magazines in Dr. Bartell’s waiting area!

2. Consultation with Your Surgeon

During your initial consultation, you will have the benefit of asking the surgeon who will be performing your surgery all of the questions that have been on your mind about your desired procedure. This is an important time to get a good feel for if your surgeon is willing to listen to you, understand your goals, and be able to communicate how he or she can deliver the desired results.

In a group setting, however, you likely will not have the opportunity to speak to all the surgeons who will be present at your procedure, as we’ll address next.

3. Knowing the Doctor Who’s Performing Your Surgery

On a related note, another important benefit of seeing a solo practitioner is that you are guaranteed that that will be the doctor performing your surgery. When you choose Dr. Bartell as your cosmetic surgeon, you know that he will be the doctor operating on you. 

However, in group practices, it’s not uncommon to not know who is actually performing your procedure. Often, the senior surgeon will be performing the surgery on one side, and a junior doctor will be doing the other side. This scenario is common in university settings where doctors are being trained.

4. Access to Your Doctor on Nights and Weekends

Similarly, another patient benefit of solo practice is that you can be assured that your doctor will be on call if you have any questions or concerns. 

After surgery, when the patients have gone home, Dr. Bartell calls them to make sure they are doing well. However, If they later have questions or concerns at night or over the weekend, they have the great benefit of knowing that they can talk to Dr. Bartell himself. His patients know that he is available to talk to them when they need him, as it should be!

With group practice, though, often one doctor performs the surgery and another is on call. The doctor on call might not have performed the surgery, know the patient, or be aware of her particular concerns. 

5. Personalized Care from the Surgeon and Staff

Perhaps the most important advantage of seeing a solo practitioner is the personalized care patients receive from the moment they walk through the door. Everyone from the office manager, to the staff, and surgeon know the patient and treat her like an individual, not simply a number.

It’s not unusual for Dr. Bartell’s patients to come to their first appointment after surgery and rave about his wonderful team. Because of the solo practice setting, Dr. Bartell can hand-select only the best team members. As a result, his team is excellent and efficient, as they’ve worked together for many years.

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