Why Do I Need to Wear Compression Garments After Cosmetic Surgery?

After your body recontouring procedure, Dr. Bartell will instruct you to wear a compression garment for a certain period of time depending on the type of surgery you had. This is a critical part of recovery–don’t be tempted to skip it! Following the post-op instructions will help ensure that you can enjoy the best results possible. If it’s been a little while since your operation and you’re wondering, “why do I need to wear compression garments after cosmetic surgery?”, here’s why:

Compression Garments:

  • Reduce the Risk of Seromas
  • Promote Optimal Skin Healing and Contouring
  • Minimize the Appearance of Scars
  • Provide Added Support and Comfort

Reduces Fluid Collection 

After surgery, your body produces extra fluid to help heal the affected blood vessels and tissues. Sometimes, this fluid gathers into pockets of liquid trapped under the skin. These pockets are called seromas. They look like cysts and can be tender to the touch.

Wearing a compression garment helps prevent seromas from forming by applying enough pressure to keep the fluid from collecting. Additionally, if your surgery requires drains to be put in, the compression garment also promotes the drainage of excess fluid in the surgical area through that gentle pressure. 

Promotes Optimal Skin Healing and Contouring

Another important reason to wear your compression garment is because it encourages the layers of your skin to heal back together in a smooth new contour. 

Cosmetic surgery requires the lifting of layers of skin and tissue in order to remove excess fat and skin, repair muscle, or place an implant. After surgery, the compression garment helps the layers of skin adhere back together. Wearing the compression garment as much as possible following your procedure will smooth and support the skin as it heals into its new contour. 

Additionally, the pressure from the compression garment also increases blood flow to the surgical area, which promotes overall healing.

Helps Minimize Scarring 

Another thing you’ll be rewarded with from faithfully wearing your compression garment is a smaller scar! The pressure from the compression garment aids in the maturation of the scar and helps minimize its thickness. 

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Provides Added Support and Comfort

After surgery, your compression garment provides added support to healing muscles, tissue, and skin. It helps do some of the work in supporting your body as you work towards full healing. By promoting circulation and decreasing swelling, the garment may reduce any postoperative pain as well.

You’ve come so close to the finish line! Hang in there until the end, following every step of the recovery directions, including wearing your compression garment, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy your brand-new shape.

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