What Makes Dr. Bartell a Top Plastic Surgeon in Madison

When it comes to choosing a surgeon for your body recontouring procedure, you need to know that you’ve found the best. Here’s what makes Dr. Thomas Bartell a top plastic surgeon in Madison:

  • Consistently Positive Reviews
  • Decades of Body Recontouring Experience
  • First-Class Medical Training
  • Hand-selected Team

Consistently Positive Reviews

Dr. Bartell’s practice regularly receives reviews from very satisfied patients because he has all of the qualities you could want in a plastic surgeon: board-certified, friendly yet professional, and gifted with an artistic and precise hand.

RealSelf patient, allisoncd85, had this to say about Dr. Thomas Bartell:

“Professionalism exceeded my expectations. Procedure was breast aug, and he was very informative about all facets of surgery prior to-expectations on pain, recovery, procedure and outcome. Made me feel super comfortable. The result is natural looking just like I wanted. Definitely would recommend.”

C.H offered this website testimonial:

“I heard about Dr. Bartell and decided to make an appointment.  I did have surgery by him and was so pleased. I felt genuine care and concern by him and the entire staff.  It’s the best decision I have ever made and would go back to him in a heartbeat.”

Happy patient Krista H wrote this Facebook review:

“Dr. Bartell is a true professional who is charismatic, a great listener, knowledgeable, and an overall delight. I’d give my boy Dr. Bartell 100 stars is I could. Thanks to the Bartell family for making this mommy unstoppable:) I can finally say my back doesn’t look like my front!”

Reviews like these are essential in gauging the quality of a doctor’s work. When researching plastic surgeons, be sure to check reviews from several different platforms, such as: Facebook, the surgeon’s website, RealSelf, and Google. Word of mouth from friends, family and coworkers is another great way to learn more about the doctor. If the majority of reviews are consistently positive, you can feel confident that you’ve found a top plastic surgeon in Madison, like Dr. Thomas Bartell.

Decades of Body Recontouring Experience

Another quality that sets Dr. Thomas Bartell apart is his extensive experience in body recontouring surgery. Dr. Bartell has spent decades specializing in below-the-neck procedures. He is a full-time body recontouring surgeon who has successfully performed several hundred procedures over a long period of time.

Dr. Bartell has been in solo practice for more than twenty years. By avoiding the typical large, multi-specialty clinic setting, he is able to provide the highest quality of personalized care, safely, privately and comfortably.

“I chose to go into solo practice because it allows me to give my patients a level of care that isn’t really possible at a big clinic,” said Dr. Bartell. “I’m personally involved in my patients’ care from the moment they walk in the office through the surgical procedure and postoperative care. And I pride myself on being available to my patients at any time.”

First-Class Medical Training

Dr. Thomas Bartell’s first-class medical training also makes him a top plastic surgeon in Madison. A Madison native, Dr. Bartell graduated from Yale University’s nationally recognized pre-medicine program. He then returned home to attend University of Wisconsin Medical School. He spent the next seven years in St. Louis for postgraduate study at Barnes Hospital, associated with Washington University’s top-ranked surgery programs and St. Louis University’s plastic surgery program. To further refine his surgical skills and knowledge, he completed a prized surgical fellowship with a renowned plastic surgery hand specialist practicing in Tucson, Arizona.

In the years that followed, Dr. Bartell worked in a large plastic surgery practice in the Chicago suburbs. This experience gave him the opportunity to focus extensively on cosmetic procedures and acquire the medical business acumen to start his own practice.

meet the surgical team

Hand-Selected Medical Team

Because Dr. Bartell is an independent practitioner using his own in-house surgical facility, he is able to personally hand-select his team from among the best, most qualified local medical professionals. Consistently using the same core group provides Dr. Bartell maximum operational control and efficacy, while assuring his surgical patients a consistent level of superior care and technical expertise.

For Alyssa, a certified registered nurse anesthetist, working with Dr. Bartell has many rewards, but the best is the highest level of patient safety and care his team provides:

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Bartell team. We are all working our dream job, and that’s pretty special. The entire team shares the same priority of patient safety and satisfaction. Seeing our patients safely through the entire process is the most rewarding. Alleviating fears and answering questions before surgery, and seeing people leave after surgery happy with a smile of appreciation means a job well done.”

Dr. Thomas Bartell

Once you speak to a board-certified surgeon with years of experience who specializes in below-the-neck procedures like Dr. Bartell, you’ll feel confident in your choice of a surgeon. Want to know more about this top plastic surgeon in Madison? Simply call 608-271-0500, or visit Dr. Bartell’s office located at 6418 Normandy Lane, Suite 210 Madison, WI, 53719. Contact Dr. Bartell’s office to schedule a no-obligation consultation today.