Best Implant Option for Thin Women

Until recently, very thin women desiring breast augmentation have faced a tough decision. Either they could go with a silicone implant with the potential problems associated with them, or they could choose a saline implant and run the risk of rippling.  Now there is a third choice for these women. A new implant is available, the Ideal Implant.

The Ideal Implant Design

The Ideal Implant is a saline implant, designed by a plastic surgeon, which uses a unique internal design to give it a very natural feel and a lower risk of rippling. The implant itself is made of precisely the same materials as a standard saline implant, so it is very safe. The saline is the same; they shell is made of the same material. They are adjustable in the operating room, as are standard saline implants. The difference comes from internal baffling, similar to a “waveless” waterbed.

While most women will do just as well with the standard saline implant (which is slightly less expensive), for the very thin patient, the Ideal Implant may be just the answer.

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