Traveling to Dr. Bartell

Dr. Bartell Sees Patients From All Over

Dr. Thomas Bartell is the only board certified plastic surgeon in Madison, WI that focuses on below the neck procedures. This makes him highly sought after, with patients traveling all over to Madison, WI to see him. He has been in practice for over 20 years, and specializes on procedures such as scarless breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, and many other cosmetic surgeries. Since so many people travel to have Dr. Bartell perform their surgeries, it is important for his patients to understand how to travel safely to and from his office before they plan their trip.

As patient safety is our top concern, we do require that all patients have someone drive them home or to their hotel, either a family member or friend. Cabs or Ubers are strictly not allowed. Your driver is not required to stay during the procedure, but if they leave the clinic waiting room, they will be asked to leave a cell phone number where they can be quickly reached.

From In Town

Madison, WI is a large city, housing over 200,000 people and families. Depending on what side of town you live on, you can reach the office of Dr. Bartell within minutes or, at the very most, within an hour. Regardless of if you live near the office or on the other side of Madison, you will be required to have a friend or family member drive you to your surgery for your safety.

From a Nearby Location

There are many surrounding cities and towns around Madison, WI where Dr. Bartell is located. He sees many patients from places such as Baraboo, Beloit, Appleton, Fox Valley, Green Bay, Janesville, Milwaukee, Sauk City and many more. For those who have a short drive into Madison, WI, it is perfectly fine to drive back to your hometown that same night with your driver taking you to and from for safety. However, other locations may be further away. For those patients, Dr. Bartell recommends booking a hotel in advance, as not only will you be exhausted after your surgery, but your driver may be tired, too, from a long day of driving to Madison, and the safest choice for the both of you would be to stay in Madison for the night.

Flying In

The Dane County Regional Airport is off of International Lane, mere minutes from downtown Madison, WI and just a short beltline drive to Dr. Bartell’s office. For those who are flying into Madison for their procedure with Dr. Bartell, a friend or family member is still required to drive you, whether they come with you for the trip or meet you in town, to ensure your safety. There are many hotels in the area to choose from, and plenty to do for you or your driver while staying in Madison.

Post-Surgical Traveling Tips for Patients of Dr. Bartell

As you heal from your procedure, you will need to make sure you avoid certain activities for a few days so you do not aggravate your surgery site:

  • Don’t lift or pull heavy items
  • Walk and take your time when moving through your home
  • Drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest
  • If you’re driving somewhere once you have been cleared to drive, plan a rest stop or two and walk around and stretch carefully
  • Keep any medication at hand, and have Dr. Bartell’s number in your phone.
  • Flying can be restricted right after surgery, so always check with Dr. Bartell to know when you’re cleared to fly
  • If driving is uncomfortable for you, ask someone to take you to and from places for a few days

Driving After Surgery

As stated before, you must have a friend or family member you trust drive you to and from your surgery, and who can stay with you for up to 24 hours as your anesthesia wears off. Many patients have someone stay with them for a few days to a few weeks until they are fully healed, as many day to day tasks can become unbearable while their bodies are recovering.

When it comes to driving 24 hours or later after your surgery, getting around by car or truck should be perfectly fine if you are up to it. Seat belts should always be worn, although they can put pressure on surgical sites, depending on the type of surgery you had done. If your seat belt hurts too much, find someone to drive you for a few days while you heal, especially if you have been given pain medication that you cannot drive while taking. This way you can keep your seat belt on but lean your chair back a bit to relieve the pressure and irritation, while ensuring you are still safe.

Flying After Surgery

Typically you are to not fly for up to a week after your surgery, depending on what type of procedure you have. A few post-operative exams are scheduled with Dr. Bartell so he can check your healing progress. It would be wise to wait to fly until that first exam, at which you can ask him whether or not you can fly at that time.

Your Safety Is Our Concern

Dr. Bartell is always on call for all of his patients, and will always send you and your driver home with instructions for medications and what you should do and not do and for how long. Whether you’re coming from out of town or down the street, Dr. Bartell and his staff want to make sure you stay safe and healthy while traveling to and from his office.