Why Have Your Surgery With Dr. Bartell?

There are many fine plastic surgeons in South Central Wisconsin.  We are fortunate to be in an area where almost everyone practicing is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. In some locations it isn’t always clear what the credentials or the experience are of a plastic surgeon. Thankfully today it is relatively easy to determine these things via the internet, which is extremely helpful in making an informed choice.

How Does Dr Bartell’s Office Differ From Others In the Area?

Most plastic surgeons in this area work in large multi-specialty groups and perform a wide variety of services, including reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.  Their schedules are generally determined by the clinics that employ them, they do not get to choose the staff they work with in the clinic, and their availability is arranged by contract.  This usually means that when they are not “on call,” they will not be available to their patients and instead will have a different physician return the call, someone unfamiliar with his or her particular situation. and many feel the large clinic atmosphere can be very impersonal, and getting through to talk to the surgeon can be frustrating.

What Makes Dr Bartell’s Practice Unique?

In contrast, I prefer to practice without the many constraints of a large facility.

  • I am responsible and available to my patients at all times.

  • I have personally chosen every professional staff member who works in my office.  I insist on working only with the best, and most have been with me for many years.

  • Though it is not required to use an accredited facility for surgery, I have always felt that I owed it to my patients to perform my surgery in the safest manner and in the best facility possible.

  • I believe that they deserve nothing less than the professional and positive experience they will have at each visit to my office.