Setting the Record Straight

Everyone likes to have their ego “stroked”.  Being recognized as “one of the best” in your field should be a feather in the cap for any physician.

Madison Magazine yearly provides a list of the “Best of Madison”, a list which always includes physicians delineated by specialty:  the “best” cardiologists, the “best” internists, and of course, the “best” plastic surgeons.  While the individuals receiving this recognition may well be fine physicians, what isn’t generally known is how they receive this recognition.  It isn’t from their patients, or the general public, but rather from their colleague physicians. 

The Madison medical landscape is completely dominated by large multispecialty groups (UW, Physicians Plus, and Dean, SSM Health).  When canvassed, it is only natural for group physicians to “vote” for specialists in their own group, so it is no surprise that the “best” plastic surgeons in Madison Magazine will come from these three groups. 

As a solo practitioner, I don’t rely on referrals from other group physicians, but by my own patients.  I would much rather be considered “the best” by my patients rather than any other group.

When you see the rankings next year’s Madison Magazine, perhaps it would be best to consider how these rankings were made, and whether this is a valid way to choose a plastic surgeon.