Plastic Surgeons Near Me

Finding a Madison WI Plastic Surgeon and Traveling Safely Post-Surgery

Dr. Thomas Bartell is a Madison based “plastic surgeon near me”. Dr. Bartell is Madison’s only board certified plastic surgeon who focuses on below-the-neck procedures, which makes him highly sought-after for cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. Not only does he proudly provide his services for those living in Madison, but commonly sees patients who travel from surrounding areas throughout the Midwest. We have put together some information to better help these who may be coming to Dr. Bartell from out of town if you don’t have a plastic surgeon you trust near you. Below you will find some common surrounding cities with travel advice as well as post-surgical instructions. Your comfort is our top priority. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

How to Safely Travel for Surgery with Dr. Bartell if you do not have a plastic surgeon near me

Tips For Traveling Long Distances

  • pack light
  • remember your medications
  • research the area in advance, especially if you are planning on staying there for awhile
    make sure you know what you can eat and drink after your surgery
  • read reviews from people who have been there before you
  • if you are traveling by bus or train, ensure you know where your tickets are
  • get plenty of rest
  • don’t plan anything important for at least 36 hours after you get back home
  • most importantly – don’t stress!

Do I Need Someone to Come With Me to My Surgery?

Patient safety is the highest priority at Dr. Bartell’s surgery center. For this reason, we require that all patients have someone, a family member or friend, to drive them home, to your hotel or to wherever they are going. Sorry, cabs are not allowed. Family members or friends are not required to stay during the duration of the procedure, but if they leave the clinic waiting room, they will be asked to leave a cell phone number where they can be reached.

Staying Comfortable During Your Travels After Surgery

Most of the time it is completely fine to travel back home after your surgery. If you are taking the trip by car, many people like to lean their seat back due to the pressure of the seat belt, another good reason to have someone you trust be your driver. Also make sure you follow your surgeon’s after care instructions exactly. Any medications he prescribes for pain should be used according to the prescription if needed to make your trip home and your healing process more comfortable.

Can I Eat or Drink After My Surgery?

Some people, after having plastic surgery, find it’s difficult to eat and drink for a couple days after their surgery. Eating normally is extremely important, however, to promote healing and to keep you healthy while recovering.

Ideal Foods to Eat After Your Surgery

  • Fruit – Pain medications can make you constipated, so adding a lot of fruit to your diet can help with this issue, especially prunes.
  • Soft foods – Depending on what surgery was done where, it might be difficult to eat hard or chewing foods for a few days. Stock up on softer foods such as applesauce, jello, oatmeal and soup.
  • Bland foods – anesthesia and pain meds can also make a patient nauseous, so having bland foods on hand to snack on throughout the day instead of eating a large meal helps greatly. We suggest things such as crackers, bananas or buttered toast.

Ideal Drinks to Consume After Your Surgery

  • Water – Staying hydrated is extremely important before, during and after your surgery. Drink as much water as you can during this time. Patients can lose a lot of body fluid during surgery, and it is important to replace it.
  • Fruit smoothies – When made with real fruit, this is a great drink to have nearby after your surgery. Not only are fruit smoothies delicious, but they also add fruit to your diet as specified above.
  • Sports drinks – Drink these to quench your thirst and to replenish electrolytes. Make sure you brush your teeth afterwards, though!