Maximizing Satisfaction From Surgical Body Recontouring


What A Patient Should Look For

A successful outcome from surgical body recontouring greatly depends on a partnership between the patient and surgeon. Patients do as much research as possible, and should look for and choose a surgeon who first and foremost is experienced, preferably specializing in performing the particular procedure in which they are interested.  Additionally, patients should always look for a surgeon with whom they can relate.  It is extremely important to meet one on one with the surgeons you are interested in before choosing one. Find out if you feel at ease in their company, that you feel like they know what they are talking about and are confident in them to do the work you want. Does the surgeon listen to your concerns and discuss possible outcomes, or does (s)he dictate what you “need” and that’s the way it is? You should always have a good feeling about the surgeon (and the rest of the office’s staff) prior to committing to any surgical procedure.

What the Doctor Looks For

“As a surgeon,” Dr. Bartell explains, “I am looking for a patient who is healthy, well-motivated for the proper reasons, and has realistic expectations. Patients who desire surgery in order to treat marital difficulties, or at the urging of their partner, are not likely to have successful outcomes.”

Plastic surgeons are in the improvement business, not the perfection business (even though they would like to be). Any surgeon who promises perfection is being disingenuous. Dr. Bartell says “while I strive for perfection with every patient, it simply is not realistic to expect this.” He is absolutely right. “If you have surgery expecting nothing less than perfection, you are likely to be disappointed, whereas if improvement is your goal, I know I can make you happy.”