Cosmetic Body Recontouring and Age

Can One Be Too Old For Cosmetic Body Recontouring?

As a cosmetic body recontouring surgeon, I see many patients for many different reasons, but one of the more common questions I hear in my office consultations is “am I too old to have this done?”  It is a frequent misconception that cosmetic surgery is only for the young.  Modern culture perpetuates this myth through a variety of tabloids, television shows, and other social media.  Often it can seem that once we pass out of our twenties, it’s time to “hang it up” and accept what nature has given us (or taken from us).  The truth couldn’t be farther from that.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Patients of Nearly All Ages

Over the years I have treated patients of almost all ages, from the late twenties to the mid seventies.  I’m certain that if I still performed facelifts (I now focus on below-the-neck procedures), that the average age would be significantly higher.  Body recontouring is something that is available to anyone of any age, as long as health and realistic expectations permit.


Examples of Cosmetic Needs in Different Age Groups

I have occasionally treated patients as young as 17 who have issues with their bodies.  I recall a patient that had one breast that hadn’t developed as much as the other.  This problem can be devastating to a teenager.  As long as the development of the “normal” breast has been completed, it is safe to try to achieve improved symmetry through surgery.

I also had a patient in her mid seventies who came to me for a breast augmentation.  She was in excellent health and had taken good care of herself.  She had been a widow for many years and had recently met a man she wanted to be with.  She told me she wanted to “spruce up” now that she was in a relationship.  Surgery was went extremely well, and she was very pleased with the results.

It’s Never Too Late to Desire a Change

When the time is right for you to make that change, your age almost always doesn’t matter.  Never be afraid to do something for yourself that will make a difference for the rest of your life.  Schedule a consultation with Dr Bartell today!