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Meet the Team: Pam.

“Each patient is special and no day is the same. We provide the safest and most excellent care which is what our patients deserve.”

Pam works as a Perioperative Nurse, the nurse with the patient in the operating room. She cares for the patient while they are under anesthesia, giving special attention to patient safety, quality outcomes, and a sterile environment. “Patients can rely on me to give them comfort, understanding, and the best medical care to get them through an uncertain time in their life.” Dr. Bartell’s office environment allows her to use her creative, problem-solving skills to give personalized care to each patient.

Pam has her Nursing Degree from Edgewood College and her MBA from UW-Madison. She also has Certified Nurse Operating Room (CNOR) credentials. While the most of the other staff in the office chose teleportation for a superpower if they could have one, Pam instead chose “healing”. Her dedication to patients and their proper healing makes her feel like a superhero every day she comes to work.

Pam, Perioperative Nurse

Oprah Winfrey is one of Pam’s inspirations because of her tenacious spirit and her choice to work through and conquer the adversity she experienced in her life. Pam admires Oprah’s ability to maintain hope for a brighter tomorrow, something she seeks to give to each patient that she works with at Dr. Bartell’s surgery center.

Pam enjoys good quality food, particularly wine from Eno Vino in downtown Madison and the Miso Black Cod she had at Sunda in Chicago. She also loves to be home playing the piano, decorating gingerbread houses during the holidays, and playing with her grandchildren.

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