What Problems Can Breast Surgery Correct?

Summer this year will have special meaning, when we can all finally leave our homes and enjoy the beautiful lakes, beaches, and bike paths around Madison. But if you’re curious about what problems breast revision surgery can correct, the warmer weather might not feel so welcome to you. Issues relating to a previous breast surgery might make you reluctant to wear lighter, more-revealing clothing. Your old implants also might be causing pain or more serious symptoms.

Breast revision surgery corrects problems from a previous breast lift, augmentation, or other surgery. Depending on your situation, your breast revision may involve removing or replacing one or both of your implants, resulting in beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

Problems Breast Surgery Can Correct:

  • Capsular Contracture
  • Poor Shape, Sizing, and Asymmetry
  • Implant Shifting or Rippling 
  • Rupture and Other Safety Concerns

Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture is the most common complication in breast enhancement surgery. It happens when the normally occurring scar tissue around the implant tightens and squeezes the implant. As a result, the breasts may become firm and distorted.

The symptoms depend of the severity of the condition. Capsular contracture pain can range anywhere from non-existent to painful. The most severe cases result in breasts that are not the right shape, have moved up on the chest, and are painful to the touch.

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Poor Shape, Sizing, and Asymmetry

Breast revision surgery can also correct poor breast shape. This sometimes happens because of complications or poor surgical technique from a previous procedure. Additionally, it can even out differences in size between the breasts. While perfect breast symmetry is almost impossible to achieve, the revision procedure can produce a noticeable difference in the size, shape, and projection of the breasts. 

Implant Shifting, Rippling, or Wrinkling

Sometimes women who’ve undergone breast augmentation experience shifting of their implants. If this has occurred, revision surgery can reposition them into a more appropriate location.

Very thin patients with insufficient natural breast tissue to cover the implant or who have too large an implant placed may experience visible implant rippling or wrinkling through the skin. In these cases, a superior type of implant proven to minimize the signs of rippling can be placed.

Rupture and Other Safety Concerns

Another reason to opt for breast revision surgery is to address safety concerns from a previous implant. Certain types of silicone gel breast implants that have textured surfaces have been shown to be associated with a rare form of lymphoma. As a result, these have been removed from the market in many countries. Women are switching from textured implants to smooth-surfaced ones that have no known cases of lymphoma association. 

Note: In all of Dr. Bartell’s practice, he’s never used any silicone gel or textured implants of any kind.x

An additional safety concern prompting breast revision surgery is an implant rupture. A rupture occurs when the silicone shell of an implant breaks open or tears. An MRI may be required to detect a silicone implant rupture. This is called a silent rupture because many patients do not know the silicone is leaking into the body. With a saline rupture, the implant will usually display an obvious deflation of the breast and the leaked saline will simply be absorbed into the body.

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Dr. Bartell is Dedicated to Your Safety

“I chose to go into solo practice because it allows me to give my patients a level of care that isn’t really possible at a big clinic,” Dr. Bartell said. “I’m personally involved in my patients’ care from the moment they walk in the office through the surgical procedure and postoperative care. And I pride myself on being available to my patients at any time.”

This attention to excellence in all aspects of service and medical care has earned Dr. Bartell a reputation as one of the best plastic surgeons in Madison. From his discreet West-side office to his hand-selected surgical team, Dr. Bartell is dedicated above all to your safety.

If you are considering breast revision surgery, schedule your consultation today. Dr. Thomas Bartell provides breast revision surgery in Madison, Wisconsin.

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