What are the Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery?

You’re at the Kohl Center in Madison cheering on the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team when something catches your eye–and it’s not the Badgers’ three-pointers skills. It’s your underarms, which seem to be making their own moves these days. Are sagging underarms the inevitable effect of aging, genetics, or weight loss? Or is there something that can be done about them? If your underarms are affecting your self-confidence, you might want to consider: what are the benefits of arm lift surgery?  

An arm lift, or brachioplasty:

  • Removes excess skin and fat from under the arms
  • Improves the shape and contour of your arms
  • Showcases your efforts at the gym
  • Opens up more wardrobe possibilities

Removes Excess Skin and Fat From Under the Arms

Unfortunately, no amount of work at the gym can improve the appearance of loose and sagging underarms. Arm lift surgery removes the excess skin and fat that can’t be improved through exercise. During the surgery, fat deposits in the upper arm area are reduced and any excess skin is removed. The underlying supportive tissues that define the shape of your arm are then tightened and smoothed, reshaping the underside of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow. 

Improves the Shape and Contour of Your Arms

Arm lift surgery results in smoother, leaner, and younger-looking arms. Loose underarms are a tell-tale sign of aging. Buck the trend by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Thomas Bartell to see if you might be a good candidate for this procedure.

Showcases Your Efforts at the Gym

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard at the gym and having nothing to show for it. Exercise can strengthen your upper arm muscles, but it can’t remove excess skin, weakened tissues, and localized fat deposits. No amount of working out will be apparent under these conditions. After arm lift surgery with the excess fat and skin removed, those muscles you’ve been working so hard at in the gym will be much more visible.

Opens Up More Wardrobe Possibilities

After arm lift surgery, there will be no need to hide your arms in sleeves anymore. Brachioplasty creates a sleek, lean look, so you’ll be able to go sleeveless with confidence. Stay cool this summer in tank tops, swimsuits, and sleeveless dresses.

If you are dissatisfied with sagging or loose and full underarms, schedule a consultation with Dr. Thomas Bartell to see if this procedure is right for you. The best candidates for brachioplasty have significant upper arm looseness or drooping, maintain a stable weight, and are not significantly obese.  See our gallery of before and afters of arm lifts.

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