Tips for Maintaining a Positive Outlook this Winter

Maintaining a positive outlook this winter can be as easy as planning to do the following with your loved ones:

  • Exercising
  • Attending local seasonal events
  • Being intentional about spending time with friends and loved ones
  • Donating your time or money to a favorite charity
  • Creating a cozy atmosphere at home

For many in the United States, especially here in Wisconsin, the cold weather has arrived for the season. The falling temps and gray skies might be an obstacle to maintaining a positive outlook this winter. However, a little planning before the season is in full swing can help mitigate the negative effects of the cold, dreary weather.

Residents of extremely cold countries in Scandinavia offer valuable insight into how to embrace the highlights of winter. Rather than seeing winter as something to be suffered through, they welcome the unique opportunities afforded by the snow and cold. Scandinavians have a special love for snow sports and the beauty of the outdoors. They also welcome the extra time spent inside with loved ones. They have mastered creating hygge or koselig, a sense of warmth and togetherness through simple actions like getting together with friends, breaking out the cozy blankets, lighting candles, and sharing hot drinks together.

Research shows that having a determined mindset to appreciate the good things about the cold weather can go a long way toward maintaining a positive outlook this winter. If you find yourself dreading winter, what are some plans you can put in place now so that you can take advantage of the unique opportunities in the heart of the season?

Don’t Stop Exercising Just Because It’s Cold Outside

Getting your heart rate up is a known mood booster. Many cities and state parks boast several hiking paths and cross-country trails. You might find that there are so many, you can try a different trail each week. Grab a friend, rent a pair of skies, and discover the frosty beauty nearby.

This also might be your year to try a new winter sport. Investing in high-quality snow gear will go a long way toward making extended time outside enjoyable. Feeling protected from the elements might make you feel more motivated to try your hand at snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing.

Check Out Fun, Seasonal Events in Your Area

Snowy 5ks, ice castle competitions, and holiday festivals are all great reasons to pull on your winter gear and head outside to celebrate the season with others. Check your city’s social pages for information on local winter events. Fighting the winter blues is easier to do when you’re with others.

Schedule Time with Friends

Odds are, you aren’t the only one feeling challenged by the onset of cold weather. Consider planning regular get-togethers with your friends so that you can help each other with maintaining a positive outlook this winter. Hosting a weekly or monthly book club, dinner club, game night, or movie night with friends will help you stay connected with loved ones all season long. Your friends will surely appreciate the company, as well.

Pay It Forward

The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to consider donating time or money to your favorite charity. Research local charities, such as Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, to see what organization could use your help. Easing someone else’s burden this winter will help keep your own spirits high.

Create Hygge at Home

The Danish word hygge means a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that creates a feeling of contentment and well-being. Taking the Scandinavians’ lead, you might consider adding extra cozy touches to your home. This winter might be a great time to purchase new comfy blankets, winter-themed throw pillows, or scented candles. Creating holiday beverages or baking seasonal treats will fill your home with festive tastes and smells, making it a welcome retreat after a long day at work or the sledding hill.

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