Supporting Your Support Person

It may seem counter-intuitive, but as you prep for body recontouring surgery, don’t forget to provide support to your support person! The best way to show your support person you care about them is to make sure they understand and are prepared for the roles and duties they’ll take on in assisting you through cosmetic surgery. The more they understand their role, the better prepared they will be to help you when you need it. By supporting your support person, you both win! Here are the main roles and duties your support person will have in accompanying you on your body recontouring journey. Be sure to talk through these well in advance of your surgery.

  • Coming to the Consult
  • On Surgery Day
  • Post-Surgery

Responsibility #1: Coming to the Consult

We heartily recommend having your support person attend the initial consultation with your doctor. By attending this meeting, your support person will hear the reasons you give for why you are choosing body recontouring. This will help them better understand your desire to do so.  At this meeting, your doctor will also address any concerns you have, which may be the same as your support person’s. If they have additional questions about the procedure, surgery day, or healing afterward, this is the perfect time to ask those questions.  Understanding the flow of the surgical process, the reasons for getting the surgery, as well as the reasons for particular self care routines afterward will help your support person get in the right frame of mind for the tasks at hand. Although it is a big responsibility, the right support person will be honored to accompany you during this transformative time in your life.  Remember: your support person should be at least eighteen years old.

Responsibility #2: Surgery Day

On surgery day, your support person will also need to accompany you to the clinic. You will not be able to drive afterward, so planning on not driving yourself to the clinic will simplify the day. After your surgery begins, your support person will need to give their phone number to the front desk. Depending on the length of the surgery, your support person is welcome to stay and wait in our lobby area. Otherwise, he or she can leave the clinic. We will call them when you are ready to be picked up. At this time, your doctor will inform your support person with how the surgery went. Your doctor’s assistant will also review post-op care. Since you’ll still be waking up from the procedure, it’s important that your support person hears these instructions instead of you!

Responsibility #3: 24 Hours After Surgery

Finally, your support person will need to remain with you for twenty-four hours after surgery to ensure that your body is healing properly. Since you will not be able to drive yourself home, your support person will need to drive you home or to the hotel, if you’ve traveled to see your doctor. For the next twenty-four hours, your support person must ensure that you are following your doctor’s advice for self care. In the rare case of an emergency, your support person will be there to call your doctor to ensure that you receive the care you need.

Below-the-Neck Body Recontouring in Madison, Wisconsin

Don’t forget about supporting your support person! If you would like to book a consultation, click here. and be sure to bring your support person to the appointment. Dr. Thomas Bartell is the Madison area’s premiere below-the-neck body recontouring specialist. Among other procedures, he performs scarless breast augmentation  in Madison, Wisconsin.

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